Real gun values, sold at Real prices, at Real stores

3 Months Ago $516.47
2 Months Ago $542.16
Current $556.23
Created with Highcharts 4.1.7Price3 Months Ago2 Months AgoCurrent$400$425$450$475$500$525$550$5753 Months AgoYOUR GUN $516.47
Real Sold Data

GUNWATCHER isn’t just a website to find the best price available for a gun right now. It is a compilation of tools and features that when put together makes it easy to research a new or used gun, compare guns, find guns for sale, and make a well-informed decision before making a purchase - and GUNWATCHER does it better than anyone else in the business. The most complete and accurate pricing tools available in the firearms industry are no better represented than by the Gun Values database.

With the Gun Values database, you can find the precise value of a gun, and how the cost of that gun has changed over time. Instantly, you will know if the gun you are looking at is increasing or decreasing in price. Gunwatcher takes huge leaps forward from others by giving you the precise information you are looking for. Instead of being force-fed a gun value, GUNWATCHER calculates the data and then shows you where the data actually came from. Real items, sold at real prices, at real stores. All kept in the GUNWATCHER database, and ready for you. An absolute necessity for anyone interested in historical and antique guns – there is no other place online where you can find more complete information on the pricing history of a gun.