Why Register?
When you register for a GUNWATCHER account you get the following features
  • GUNWATCHER True Price
  • Notified of exclusive GUNWATCHER deals
  • Gun Market Values
  • Full Pricing and Stock History
  • Check Recently Out of Stock Guns
  • Watchlists (Unlimited)
  • Email Alerts (Unlimited)
True Price
With GUNWATCHER’s True Price technology, you have the advantage of knowing at a glance what a gun is actually going to cost you. No more hidden fees, ridiculous shipping costs, or credit card fees that you never see until you go to check out. We combine all of these additional charges into the cost of the gun to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are getting the absolute best price online.
What It's Worth
GUNWATCHER isn’t just a tool to find the best price available for a gun right now. With the Gun Values database, you can find the precise value of a gun, and how the cost of that gun has changed over time. Instantly, you will know if the gun you are looking at is increasing or decreasing in price. We even show you the exact items that were sold, and the price that was paid! An absolute necessity for anyone interested in historical and antique guns – there is no other place online where you can find more complete information on the pricing history of a gun.
When To Buy
Pricing History
Nothing can hide from GUNWATCHER users with the Pricing History feature! Instantly view how long a gun has been in stock at a store, and how they’ve been changing their prices! Have you always wondered if stores raise or lower their prices right before the weekend, or before a holiday? Now you’ll not only have access to that information, but you’ll also be able to see if the price is trending upwards or downwards – for each individual store! Prices are always changing online… The Pricing History feature keeps you in the loop.
Price Check
With the GUNWATCHER Out of Stock Checker, you will be alerted instantly if there were any stores offering a lower price, but are currently out of stock of the gun you searched. This gives you the choice to wait to buy your gun, often resulting in savings of $50 or more! You can even go directly to the store’s website to see it for yourself. Sure, you may have missed out on a deal, but GUNWATCHER will let you know that you may have missed it, tell you how long ago they went out of stock, and offers a Watchlist with E-mail Alerts to make sure you never miss out again!
Be First
Have your sights set on a gun? Add it to your Watch List, and GUNWATCHER will keep track of it for you! Watching multiple guns? Visit your Watch List to view all of them at once, with the best prices available - all on one page! No more searching multiple sites, for every gun, every day, to see the best prices. The Watch List does all the work for you! Combine it with our E-Mail Alerts, you’ll be sure to get the best price!
Email Alerts
A natural extension of the GUNWATCHER Watch List, Email Alerts will let you set a price for items on your Watch List, and it will alert you when your watched gun goes below that price. After looking at the GUNWATCHER Pricing History, you’ll know the lowest price that your gun normally sells for, and can set up your Email Alerts to let you know when and where you can find your gun at your price. Never miss out on a deeply discounted gun again!